Stories of Livin' It to the Fullest

March 17, 2018

The Myth of “Finding Yourself” and “Living It” in Daily Life

The nature of today’s chaotic world presents an infinite number of distractions that create the illusion that we have “lost” our Self in its midst. When we retreat to a place that eliminates those distractions and outside noise, we are confronted with what I consider to be the truest form of the Self. Over time, this n

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February 27, 2018

7.8 Magnitude Earthquake in New Zealand

"What the *&$% is going on!?" - November 14, 2016 If we are being completely honest here, that is the only thing i could think of when i woke up that night to a 7.8 magnitude earth quake. Let’s back up 24 hours: Me and my group had been Canoeing down the Clarence river for almost 2 weeks and had made it into this b...

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February 26, 2018

How an Adventurer was Born

“This might’ve been a bad idea,” I thought to myself as my tinyDaihatsu Sirion, a rental car hardly bigger than a couch, slide backand forth on a rural gravel road several hours from Dunedin, insouth-east New Zealand. A hitch-hiker I had briefly shuttled earlierthat day had mentioned Cannibal Bay but couldn’t remember...

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